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Official Section AzPlay 2017

Presentation of the finalist video games in the AzPlay. Developers will give rapid demonstrations of the creative processes behind their projects. Finalists must present their video game if they wish to opt for one of the AzPlay Prizes.

November 29 and 30

Time: From 9:30 to 20:00

Place: CAC 2

Free admission with invitation (collect at Infopuntua or Eventbrite) until full capacity is reached.

November 29th






A Place for the Unwilling, by AlPixel Games

Luis Diaz

Luis “Ludipe” Diaz does design, production and PR at AlPixel Games, an indie game studio based in Madrid known for Missing Translation, A Place for the Unwilling and the dozens of smaller jam games they have published.


All You Can Eat, by Gamechuck

Aleksandar Gavrilovic

Gamechuck is a game development studio that wants to create innovative and unique gaming experiences. They like experimenting with game genres by combining game mechanics and rich content in new and exciting ways. Their first game is All You Can Eat which debuted on Steam on July 13th.


AntVentor , by LoopyMood

Vadim Leonov

Vadim Leonov is a producer, community and marketing manager of LoopyMood indie studio. AntVentor – first game ever made by this team.


Dark Train, by Paperash Studio

Dominik Jícha

Dominik Jícha – passionate learner and propagator of new media art, marketing and games at Masaryk University in Brno.


Press Conference & Coffee Break


Distortions, by Among Giants

Thiago Girello & Chris Smith

Thiago Girello is the CEO from Among Giants and director from the game Distortions. Chris Smith is the programmer from Distortions.


Figment, by Bedtime Digital Games

Jonas Byrresen

Jonas Byrresen is the Creative Director at Bedtime Digital Games, a Danish indie game company with a focus on creative worlds, as seen in the games Back to Bed, Chronology and their new game Figment.


Forgotton Anne, by ThroughLine Games

Alfred Nguyen

Alfred Nguyen is the CEO of ThroughLine Games and Creative Director of Forgotton Anne, a 2D cinematic adventure game coming out on PC and consoles and published by Square Enix Collective. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, ThroughLine Games focuses on developing story-driven games with high artistic ambition. Alfred is an award-winning animation film director and game director graduating from the National Filmschool of Denmark in 2008 and has since worked in the film, animation and games industry in a variety of positions.


Imagine Earth, by Serious Brothers UG

Jens Isensee

Jens Isensee is a game designer and multimedia artist with a focus on unique indie games, participative art and interactive video installations. Besides the world simulation game project Imagine Earth his interactive art is also build with video game software as unity3d and other technical elements like motors, loudspeakers and cameras to computer hardware, sensors and screens. He also creates digital prints and experimental shortfilms. Born 1981 in Braunschweig, Germany.


KnightOut, by 2nd Studio

Nikki Starostka & Dennis Jensen

Nikki and Dennis founded 2nd Studio in 2013. 2nd Studio is a independent company providing outsourcing services for game developers and publishers world wide. The company is located in Denmark, Copenhagen and are currently working on it’s own IP KnightOut with the help from crowdfunding site Fig.co.




Zip Zap, by Philipp Stollenmayer

Philipp Stollenmayer

Philipp Stollenmayer designs and develops games for mobile. His one-man studio Kamibox is specialized in intuitive casual games with a gentle amount of ridiculousness, like Zip Zap, Pancake – The Game or Verticow.


Lost Words, by Sketchbook Games

Mark Backler

Mark Backler, CEO en Sketchbook Games, desarrollador de Lost Words. After working in the games industry for 11 years at companies like EA, Lionhead and Sony, on games including Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and the BAFTA award winning Fable 2, Mark Backler founded Sketchbook Games. The studio is developing the multi-award winning Lost Words, an atmospheric puzzle game that is set inside a diary and sees players using words as platforms for their character and features a story by renowned games writer Rhianna Pratchett


Mindtaker, by Relevo Videogames & Virtualware

Jon Cortazar

Jon Cortazar, CEO at Relevo Videogames, developer of Mindtaker with Virtualware. Founder of Relevo and manager of development and publishing of more than 20 products for web, mobile devices, PCs and consoles.


MOW (Minimal Over Wheels), by Zeus Software

Julian Oliden & Raul Lopez

Julian Oliden & Raul Lopez, cofounders of Zeus Software. Julian Oliden, alias Mr.  Jocyf, has spent last 10 years programming games for companies. Raúl López has created titles as ‘Risky Woods’ and ‘Biomechanical Toy’, back to the game´s world with new original ideas.


Old Man’s Journey, by Broken Rules

Clemens Scott

Clemens Scott is one of five co-founders of the Vienna based game studio Broken Rules. He is the studios’ visual lead and worked on their latest project ‘Old Man’s Journey’ as creative director and lead artist. Even though Clemens comes from the visual side of game development he evolved into a typical generalist over the course of his career – there hardly is a field in game development he hasn’t touched.


Coffee Break


Teotl: Rise of a God, by DigiPen’s Rin Tin Team

Iker Eizaguirre, Borja Portugal y Jon Diego

Iker Eizaguirre, Borja Portugal and Jon Diego are 4th grade students at DigiPen Institute of Technology Europe – Bilbao. They were members of the Rin Tin Team, the team that developed ‘Teotl: Rise of a God’ during the course.


Submersed, by Loma Digital

Jose Antonio Muñoz e Imanol Pereira

Jose Antonio Muñoz is the CEO, founder, game designer, developer and graphic and sound artist at Loma Digital, a Spanish amateur game studio. Imanol Pereira is the graphic artist and tester at Loma Digital, a Spanish amateur game studio.


Solo, by Team Gotham

Juan De la Torre

Juan de la Torre is the multitask co-founder of Team Gotham. He handles the art direction, game design, production, business development and public relations of the madrilenian studio. Since they published The Guest on 2016 under the international brand of 505Games, Team Gotham has been working on ‘Solo’, a puzzle adventure game about searching the meaning of love through exploring our inner selves. Solo was funded on the crowdfunding-investment platform Fig on early 2017 thanks to awesome investors like John Graham, co-founder of Humble, Aaron Isaksen, founder of the Indie Fund and the game industry guru Jonathan Blow, creator of Braid and The Witness.


Path to Mnemosyne, by Devilish Games

David Ferriz

Game designer y graphic artist co-founder of DevilishGames – Spherical Pixel, a company located in Villena, Alicante, Spain, with more than 20 years of experience creating games for several platforms. Since its beginning , the company has created more than 150 titles, reaching more than 100 million people around the World.

November 30th

Time: 9:30-12:30

Place: CAC2.




Rock of Ages 2, by ACE Team Software

Carlos Bordeu

Carlos Bordeu is one of the co-founders and a lead designer of ACE Team, the Chilean indie game studio responsible for some of the most bizarre and original games out there, ACE Team has been professionally developing games since 2007. The studio’s published titles are the ‘Rock of Ages’ and ‘Zeno Clash’ series, ‘Abyss Odyssey’ and the ‘Deadly Tower of Monsters’.


Resynth, by Polyphonic LP

Andrew Trevillian

After many years working together on the de Blob series at Blue Tongue Entertainment, Andrew Trevillian co-founded Polyphonic LP with Sam Izzo. Our studio creates games that explore the boundaries between music and digital gameplay. Resynth, our debut title is out now for iOS and coming soon to PC, Mac and Linux.


The Almost Gone, byHappy Volcano

Jeroen Janssen

Jeroen Janssen is the business developer and game producer at Happy Volcano. He is currently working on The Almost gone, a narrative exploration game made in collaboration with Brussels based author Joost Vandecasteele.


Tiny Bubbles, by Pine Street Codeworks

Stuart Denman

Stu has 20+ years of game development experience, starting as a founder of Surreal Software in 1995, where he was Technical Director for 15 years. Pine Street’s tiny team also includes co-founder Paulette Denman, focusing on User Experience, Graphic Design and PR. James Hutt designed about a third of the game’s 160+ handmade levels. The layered music composition and sound effects were created by industry veteran Kristoffer Larson of Tension Studios. Paulette & Stu’s kids Jack (9) and Charlie (6) provide daily encouragement and whimsical advice.


Unforgiven VR, by Delirium Studios

Arturo Monedero

Arturo Monedero, CCO at Delirium Studios, game designer and member of the Spanish Academy for the Interactive Arts and Sciences. Co-founder of Delirium. But where he highlight is playing any FIFA from 1994, if you visit him at the office, don´t forget to challenge him.


Last Day of June, by Ovosonico

Massimo Guarini

Visionary Creative Director and long-time industry veteran, Massimo is the volcanic mind behind award-winning titles Last Day of June and Murasaki Baby. He attained cult status by directing the critically acclaimed “Shadows of the Damned” with Suda51, Shinji Mikami and Akira Yamaoka, for Grasshopper Manufacture in Tokyo.


Coffe Break


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A not-to-miss event for independent sector professionals, fans worldwide and local companies who can use it to promote and publicise their work.

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