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Official Section 2016


Official Section AzPlay 2016

Presentation of the finalist video games in the AzPlay. Developers will give rapid demonstrations of the creative processes behind their projects. Finalists must present their video game if they wish to opt for one of the AzPlay Prizes.

November 23

Time: 9:30-18:00


Place: CAC2.




Photo & Bio


Beat the Game, by Worm Animation

Cemre Ozkurt & Yesim Demirci Ozkurt

cemreyesimCemre Ozkurt has 15 years of creative experience in the gaming and film industries. She wrote and developed the story of Beat the Game. She develops and maintains production schedules and budgets, arranges for beta testing and focus groups, etc.


Brain Trap, by Zoltar Games

Imanol Herrero



Bulb Boy, by Bulbware

Artur Mikolajczyk y Szymon Lukasik

bulbboyBulbware is two man indie studio proudly located in Krakow, Poland. That are Artur Mikolajczyk (code) and Szymon Lukasik (art). Authors of sweet disgusting Bulb Boy.


Press Conference & Coffee Break


Calendula, by Blooming Buds

Denis Asensio

denisasensioCo-founder and Game Designer at Blooming Buds, the studio behind Calendula. Currently working as a Game Designer at Fictiorama Studios (Dead Synchronicity). Also a programmer and a Game Jam enthusiast.


Clapper, by Bridgeside AB

Daniel Polgar

danielPolgarDaniel Polgar is the Lead Designer, one of the founders and head chairperson of Bridgeside Interactive.


Dynasty Feud, by Kaia Studios

Eneko Egiluz

enekoCEO & co-founder at Kaia Studios. After studying at DigiPen he joined other students and started to develop their own games. Dynaty Feud is the first Studio´s game which will be released on early 2017.


Etherborn, by Altered Matter

Samuel Cohen

Etherborn_front_2-150x150Samuel Cohen, CEO at Altered Matter


Flat Heroes, by Parallel Circles

Lucas Gonzalez

LucasGonzalezAfter several years in the AAA industry Lucas Gonzalez founded Parallel Circles with Roger Valldeperas, a small videogame company focused in creating small but madly polished experiences, that the tight times of bigger companies could not deliver.


Fossil Echo, by Awaceb

Philippe Crifo

FE_17Philippe Crifo, CEO at Awaceb




Hue, by Fiddlesticks Games

Dan Da Rocha

dandarochaAward-winning games designer & producer. Made Q.U.B.E. & Hue. Now working Q.U.B.E. 2. Develop’s 30 Under 30. Gamer & guitarist \m/


INKS, by State of Play Games

Steffan Glynn

steffanSteffan is a game designer and artist at State of Play, creators of the award-winning games Lumino City, KAMI and most recently, INKS.


Love You to Bits, by Alike Studio

Marc & Xavi Terris

Alike_StudioMarc & Xavi Terris: artists, designers and twins, always working side by side. They worked for the mobile game “Tiny Thief” as game designers and animators. In fact, their animation work was nominated to the 2014 Annie Award. Their first project, the multi-award winning mobile game “Love You to Bits” has been developed with Pati.io


Meantime, by Team Meantime

Michael Muller

mullerI’m a game-designer based in Switzerland, graduated from Zürich University of the Arts.


Metrico+, by Digital Dreams

Geert Nellen

profile_geert-206x206Geert Nellen studied Game Design & Development at the Utrecht School of Arts. He focuses on game design and narrative design, but also works as art director and artist, and created the art for Metrico. He is interested in the limitless potential of games as an art form and draws inspiration for his designs from other media and arts.


Coffee Break

November 24

Time: 9:30-14:00


Place: CAC2.




Moon River, by Guillaume Cerdeira

Guillaume Cerdeira

guillaumeGuillaume Cerdeira is the developer of Moon River. Guillaume has a bachelor in Media Interaction Design by the ECAL – Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne.


Paint Your Way, by Eri Studio

Borja Etxegoena

screenshot_699Manager at Eri Studio and designer of ‘Paint your Way’. He studied at Ceinpro in San Sebastián. He currently work at Innovae, a VR and AR company, but still making the games I love to play.


Party Gods, by Chopsticks Games

Michal Ivanecky

michalCreative director and a game artist at Chopsticks Games, born and raised in Slovakia, Michal has been making games with his brother Jan for a few years. As a game studio (meaning them and their friends), they have finished and delivered 3 games. The key attribute to their game-making philosophy is a unique and intensive experience.


Sorginen Kondaira, by Binary Soul

Santiago Córdoba & Gorka Garcia.

screenshot_700Santi is the Commercial Manager at Binary Soul. I’m trying to build our dream company day by day, a company in which we can thrive both personally and professionally.


Coffee Break


Stifled, by Gattai Games

Justin Ng

justinJustin is the Design + Business Guy at Gattai Games, where he helps make video games (www.stifledgame.com) and tries to keep money in the bank. If he is not busy with the above, you can usually find him on Twitter (@thatjustinng) rambling about games and the inconsequential.


StoneHeart, by DigiPen´s Bizarre Team

Borja Portugal, Eurie Cerbide and Iker Eizagirre.

stoneheart_2_hiresBorja Portugal, Eurie Cerbide y Iker Eizagirre, developers of StoneHeart.


UX and Interactivity in VR

Ciro Continisio

CiroVRsmallCiro Continisio is Technical Evangelist at Unity


TACENDA, by Finifugu && friends

Jai Bunnag

tacendaJai is the lead designer for TACENDA. He is creative who has studied around the world pursuing the study of design. From Thailand, to the USA and now the UK, he is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design where he completed his Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Fine Arts, and is a current Masters Degree student at the London College of Communications for Game Design.


Urban Pirate, by Baby Duka

Jakob Overgaard

Urban_Pirate_AZPLAY_capsuleJakob Overgaard runs the small production companies BABY DUKA and BD Games based in Copenhagen. Last summer the company released its first premium video game on Steam called Urban Pirate. The game’s revolutionary spirit and provocative story and mechanics have been well-received by players all over the world. The game focuses more on romantic, escapist anarchism rather than macho violence and force.


Liyla and the Shadows of War, by Rasheed Abueideh

Ivan Larrauri

iconIvan Larrauri presents Liyla and the Shadows of War

The Awards giving Ceremony will be held on November 24th at 20:00 in CAC2.


A not-to-miss event for independent sector professionals, fans worldwide and local companies who can use it to promote and publicise their work.

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