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Nordic Game Discovery Contest qualifying round at AzPlay

NOVEMBER 30, 2017

AzPlay is taking part in the 2018 Nordic Game Discovery Contest (NGDC), an event aimed at showing the best videogames in the world. Bilbao will also take part in other videogame festivals to be held in cities like Lisbon, Bucharest, Oslo, Athens, Zurich, Copenhagen and Dubai

The NGDC is an itinerant event showing a selection of the best Indie games in different festivals around the world. These festivals make up a qualifying round where the finalists will be chosen to show their work in Malmö, Sweden, in 2018 under the Nordic Game Conference framework.

The Nordic Game Conference is one of the leading professional videogame events in Europe whose history dates back over 14 years, and constitutes one of the basic pillars of the videogame industry. This makes it an excellent opportunity for developers to establish contact with essential agents for their evolution, such as investors or publishers.

AzPlay 2017 is one of the NGDC  classifying venues, and one of the AzPlay Competition finalists will go to Malmö to show his/her videogame in one of the best settings worldwide. The name of the finalist who will go to Malmö will be revealed during the AzPlay 2017 Prizewinners’ Gala.

The qualifying round is on 30th November from 12:20pm to 2:00pm and it will be presented by NGDC representatives, Teddy Florea and Jacob Riis. The jury includes these representatives plus the AzPlay 2017 jury members, Miguel Alva and Juan Manuel Moreno Reyes.

Five Spanish games have been selected for the NGDC at AzPlay, and they are:

AlPixel Games presenting A Place for the Unwilling

Relevo Videogames/Virtualware presenting Mindtaker

Zeus Software presenting (Minimal Over Wheels)

DevilishGames presenting Path to Mnemosyne

Team Gotham presenting Solo


TIME: FROM 12:20 P.M. TO 2:00 P.M.

Free admission with invitation (collect at Infopuntua or Eventbrite) until full capacity is reached.

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