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The hóPLAY´13 edition meant greater focus on the origin of the festival and on the reason for its existence, i.e. interest in the independent video games sector and support for the Basque companies of video games. The independent video games sector is one of the niches with greatest growth expectations and potential. The democratisation of development tools and greater accessibility to global sales points open a unique window of opportunity for thousands of developers worldwide. hoPLAY 13 The Basque companies of video games adapt perfectly to the independent company type, since they are small companies capable of innovating and standing out mainly within the independent sector. Therefore, hóPLAY aims to promote these companies in two ways:

  • Becoming the Reference Competition in the independent sector in southern Europe, thereby offering a stepping stone and a privileged shopwindow to exhibit the products and services of the Basque Companies.
  • Attracting professionals from the independent sector to Bilbao, to become a meeting and networking point for them in order to share experiences, knowledge and prepare future projects.

Large steps were takenin hóPLAY´13 to consolidate these aims. We have received 111 projects from 12 countries, which makes us think that hóPLAY is a reference event for many developers from several countries and that the Competition is becoming known beyond our frontiers. According to the specialised press it is already the most important competition in the Indie Sector in Spain. In addition, the €25,000 destined for the prizes, is unique in the sector at international level and more than appealing to continue attracting more developers and professionals in future editions.

hoPLAY 13

Basque video game companies were represented several ways, i.e. prize for the best Basque video game has placed one of the Basque companies on the sector map, thus helping it to gain greater prestige and visibility. Basque companies also exhibited their latest projects so that all the professionals who attended could see what has been done in the Basque Country. In addition, talks were organised with the Basque Companies whose prospective customers are independent developers. Furthermore, different meetings favouring networking took place during the different activities, as the physical and time space had been organised to favour meetings and dialogue.

hóPLAY ´13 winners

In the fourth edition we have have received 111 projects from 12 countries

  • Design
  • Sound
  • Idea
  • Playability
  • Basque video game

BBK Award for the best creative design was Stage Clear Studio with “Shiny the firefly”.

BBK Award for the best creative sound was Locomalito with “Maldita Castilla”.

BBK Award for the best original idea was Deconstructeam with “Gods Will Be Watching”.

Euskatel Award for the best playability was Beatifungames with “Nihilumbra”.

BilbaoEkintza Award for the best Basque video game was Red Monkeys from DigiPen Europe Bilbao with “Umbra Chronicles”.

hóPLAY´13 video

sponsors 2013

hóPLAY´13 sponsors

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A not-to-miss event for independent sector professionals, fans worldwide and local companies who can use it to promote and publicise their work.

4, Arriquibar Square, 48010 Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain
Teléfono: +34 944 014 014 | info@azkunazentroa.eus


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