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At hóPLAY’11, games like Disney Kinect Adventures, Kinect Star Wars and Forza 4 were showcased for the first time. The hóGAME area gave participants the chance to try out these new creations in Beta state, several months before their market launch, and this was yet another incentive for hóPLAY’s consolidation as a reference point in the video game creation sector.

hóPLAY’11 showcased ArtFutura XXI, a review of the 21 past editions of the festival, exploring the top projects and ideas that have emerged on the international scene for new media, interaction design, video games and digital animation. 3D photographs created with the new Nintendo 3DS were also on show at the festival. The work of photographers such as Joan Fontcuberta, Ricky Dávila, Txema Salvans, José B. Ruiz, Ouka Lele and Marisa Flórez was on display.

The second hóPLAY International Video Game Competition took a step forward towards consolidating these Awards on a world level. The hóPLAY Awards are a major reference point and an acknowledgement and an incentive for the winning companies. The 2011 event received video game entries from almost a dozen different countries including Colombia, Sweden, India, France, Denmark, Argentina and Italy.

In the professional context, BasqueGame had their own space at hóPLAY’11. Numerous networking meetings were also held between video game stakeholders, providing a definite boost to the sector and publicising it with regard to closely related sectors such as health or cultural heritage. hóPLAY R&D&I was a meeting point for the culture industries to create synergies and meet influential figures such as Erik Robertson, Director of The Nordic Game Program.

hóPLAY’11 offered workshops and conferences, with speakers such as Carlos González Tardón, Sergi Mesonero from LPV, the Zaramari group, Marc Canet and Delirium Studios, among others. Ondo Izan, the Health and Video Game conference, included the presentation of Kinect’s projects, in an area vital for quality of life.


hóPLAY’11 also offered an array of activities such as the FNAC Hour, with competitions and instant workshops for video game fans of all ages. The work of the hóPLAY International Video Game Competition finalists could also be seen on the Euskaltel bus.

A superb 8-bit concert by Meneo was another high point of the event. Another unforgettable event was the mp3 Experience tour of Bilbao, created by the New York group Improv Everywhere, which was attended by over 500 people.

hóPLAY ´11 Winners

In its second edition 46 projects worldwide were received

  • Design
  • Sound
  • Idea
  • Playability
  • Basque video game
  • Special award from the public

BBK Award for the best creative design was We Choose Fun with the game “Sr Mistu”

BBK Award for the best creative sound was Imaginesoft Studios with the game Eyes Bandegades – Episodio 1 – Genesis of Darkness

BBK Award for the best original idea was Yellow Monkey Studios with the game “It´s just a thought”

Euskatel Award for the best playability was Milkstone Studios with the game “Avatar Bump”

Lanekintza Award for the best Basque video game was Relevo Videogames with the game”Ba-Boom!”

Special Award from the public was for Delirium Studios with “Kinito Ninja”


hóPLAY´11 Sponsors

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A not-to-miss event for independent sector professionals, fans worldwide and local companies who can use it to promote and publicise their work.

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