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hóPLAY’10 made a splash when it hit the video game events scene. The start of the festival was marked by Kinect’s Spanish debut, which firmly positioned it in the video game sector.

In the 1,200 square-metre space of the hóGAME area, visitors had the chance to take a look at over 70 consoles, PCs and mobile devices and find out about the latest developments in video games and the top creative productions. Innovative creations to suit all ages and tastes were organised in sections for all the family to learn and enjoy. The ‘FNAC hour’ also included activities of all kinds and was one of the high points of the festival and the hóGAME area.

hóPLAY’10 showcased interesting video game and creation content including the FX Interactive collection of video game covers and the Microsoft collection of custom Xbox 360 consoles. The first Xbox 360 art research grant was also organised, with participation from a large number of Fine Arts students at the University of the Basque Country.

The 1st hóPLAY International Video Game Competition became a new world reference point in the video game sector’s most independent and creative environment. It attracted 47 projects from all over the world. €36,000 in prize money was awarded in categories such as playability, design, sound or the best idea, and participants also had the chance to try out and choose their favourite games. The Festival was rounded off with the Awards Gala, after the finalists had presented their creations during the two days of the Official Selection.

hóPLAY’10 showcased Aizkolari’s first virtual video game and the Mario Kart races in Bilbao’s Gran Vía, helping to promote the festival in the traditional and digital media and social networks.

The professional aspect was vital at hóPLAY, and the first Basque Video Game Day was a major incentive for the local sector. hóPLAY’10 was also behind the creation of the video game developers’ association BasqueGame.

The hóPLAY’10 conference and documentary programme provided information on video game-related fields, healthy video game use, professional gamers, video game accessibility, etc, and there were also a series of video game creation workshops for both professionals and amateurs.

Winners and finalists of hóPLAY ´10

47 video games from 12 countries were submitted to the first edition.

  • Design
  • Sound
  • Idea
  • Playability
  • Basque video game
  • Special Award from the public

BBK Award for the best creative design was Tale of Tales with the game “The Path

The finalists were: DevilishGames, Ideateca, Kraken Empire y Over the Top Games.

BBK Award for the best sound/music was Tale of Tales with the game “The Path

Finalists were: Daniel Benmergui, Kraken Empire, Medusa y Nivel21 Entertainment

BBK Award for the best original ideas was Delirium Studios with the game “LOS DELIRIOS DE VON SOTTENDORFF Y SU MENTE CUADRICULADA

Finalists were: Ninja Fever, Daniel Benmergui, DevilishGames and Milkstone Studios S.L.

Euskatel Award for the best playability was Milkstone Studios with the game “MotorHEAT

Finalists were: Ninja Fever, Medusa, Abylight and Over the Top Games

Lanekintza Award for the best Basque video game Delirium Studios with the game “LOS DELIRIOS DE VON SOTTENDORFF Y SU MENTE CUADRICULADA

Finalists were: Ideateca, Gestionet, PixelTossers and Fundación Elhuyar

Special Award from the public was for Ideateca with the game “iBasket


A not-to-miss event for independent sector professionals, fans worldwide and local companies who can use it to promote and publicise their work.

4, Arriquibar Square, 48010 Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain
Teléfono: +34 944 014 014 | info@azkunazentroa.eus


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