Congratulations to hóPLAY 2014 winners! The 6th edition of the International Festival of Independent Games is in motion
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hóPLAY is holding the presentation of the videogame Melting Down, in collaboration with the surfer Kepa Acero.

The hóPLAY International Festival of Independent Games organised by AlhóndigaBilbao presents the videogame Melting Down, starring adventurer surfer Kepa Acero (Getxo, 1980).

Jokoga Interactive, a company based in Biscay, created this graphic adventure where surfer Acero sets off on a journey round the Arctic searching for distant waves. However, his sailing boat is shipwrecked and the main character suddenly finds himself in a small fishing village in the polar region soaked to the skin.

This is when the players discover the terrible consequences of the glaciers melting and how this affects the native population of these territories. Melting Down is a social game seeking to make players aware of global warming.

Kepa Acero has to get his boat back via explorations, dialogues, collecting objects and resolving puzzles. The small town where the adventurer is shipwrecked is inhabited by caricature type characters that will show, through entertaining dialogues, the consequences of species’ migrations due to climate change or the consequences of the current hunting model, among many other topics.

In addition to lending his image, Acero has dubbed his own character in the three languages the game is available in, i.e. English, Spanish and Basque.

Kepa Acero’s Melting Down is available in the vast majority of apps for smartphones, tablets and desktops, for example in Apple’s App Store or Android’s Google Market from 2nd December 2014.

The Surfing Adventures of Kepa Acero, Arctic Melting Down from JOKOGA INTERACTIVE S.L. on Vimeo.

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