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AzPlay, the pioneering video games festival in Bilbao, is celebrating its sixth anniversary this year. We are looking forward to all the people who have taken part in AzPlay in one way or another and have helped consolidate the Competition making it stronger and stronger, coming again this year.

hóPLAY’10 received over 4,000 visitors. 1,437 people attended the various workshops, conferences, documentaries, Kinect presentation, video game company meetings and closing event. 43 projects from 10 different countries were presented.

presentacion Kinect

The hóPLAY’11 festival and its activities were attended by almost 14,000 people, with 11,975 visiting the exhibition, 436 attending the workshops and conferences and 1,450 taking part in other activities. 46 projects from 12 different countries were presented.


At hóPLAY’12, 13,040 people attended the conferences, workshops, exhibitions and hóPLAY activities. 71 projects from 14 different countries were presented.


At hóPLAY’13, more than 3.000 indie developers, students, creatives, designers and gaming pros attended the event. 112 projects from 12 different countries were presented.


At hóPLAY’14, 1.800 people attended the conferences, workshops, exhibitions… 112 projects from 15 different countries were presented.