AlhóndigaBilbao holds the V hóPLAY edition hóPLAY is holding the presentation of the videogame Melting Down, in collaboration with the surfer Kepa Acero.
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Congratulations to hóPLAY 2014 winners!

gala-hoplay-2014We already know the winners of the V edition of hóPLAY 2014 International Festival of Independent Games:

– Best Original Idea: Missing Translation, Alpixel Games (Spain)

– Best Playability: Ziggurat, Milkstone Studios (Spain)

– Best Creative Design: Kromaia, Kraken Empire (Spain)

– Best Sound: Soft Body, Zeke Virant (USA)

– Best Basque Videogame: HassleHeart, I<3 Hearts, Santa Clara Games (Spain, Basque Country)

Each prize is endowed with 5,000 euros.

112 games from several countries have competed this year in the V International Festival of Independent Games, of which 32 reached the final. The jury, comprising Raquel Meyers, José María Villalobos, Eduardo Garabito and José María Martínez Burgos “Hafo”, was responsible for judging the developers’ creations.

The aim of the hóPLAY International Festival of Independent Games prizes is to acknowledge and reward the most original, creative and innovative videogames of an educational and entertaining nature.

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