hóPLAY´14 rules published AlhóndigaBilbao selects the 32 finalists for the hóPlay 2014 International Festival of Independent Games
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111 games from 15 countries will take part in hóPLAY

The hóPLAY International Festival of Independent Games is consolidated in its fifth edition as one of the unavoidable sector references. The main aim of this competition is to promote those independent videogame productions whose differentiating values are originality, creativity and innovation.

This year 111 games from 15 different countries will be competing. Altogether there are 13 Basque games, 73 from the Spanish State, and 25 from other countries such as the Netherlands, Portugal, Israel, Russia, the USA, France, Germany, Singapore, Brazil, Senegal, Denmark, Canada, Norway and Uruguay. A jury will choose the finalists during this month and will publish their names as of 31st October. The Official Section for state and international games will take place in the last week of November, as well as the Basque videogames section, and the prizes will be handed out at the hóPLAY 2014 Gala on 28th November coinciding with the Basque Videogame Day and a networking event scheduled for the occasion.

Moreover, by way of novelty this year there will be an event where the videogame creators will explain their projects to the specialised international press like: Pocket Gamer, AppSpy, 148apps, Kotaku, The Observer, Pocket Tactics, Edge, Wired, Gamespot, Games Radar or The Guardian.

V hóPLAY International Festival of Independent Games

For the fifth consecutive year, AlhóndigaBilbao is organising the hóPLAY International Festival of Independent Games, which has become an annual reference bringing together and projecting in Bilbao the different gaming, technological, industrial, cultural and social traits of electronic leisure activity and interactive international art.

The 2014 edition pursues the following aims:

1. launch even more the promotion and internationalisation of the event and Basque companies with greater participation of international projects and greater presence of foreign visitors during the festival. The aim among others is for Basque companies to contact industry agents and increase their notoriety internationally.

2. make a balance of the journey followed to this fifth edition, carrying out a retrospective vision of the industry in the Basque Country and a photograph of the most up-to-date reality. In previous hóPLAY over €100,000 was paid out in prizes, and over 34,000 visitors were received; and in this edition alone over 600 secondary students will take part in the workshops organised.

Support for local companies

hóPLAY14 will continue to concentrate its support for local videogame companies for yet another year. To this end, meetings will be held between visiting foreign companies and locals. Furthermore, local companies will have the opportunity to explain their projects to the specialised press thanks to the collaboration of Steel Media, a British press group specialised in videogames and apps with over 45 million readers a month.

For the 5th consecutive year, hóPLAY continues to be the unavoidable event for the indie sector. The awards given are for: best original idea, best creative design, best sound-music, best playability and best Basque videogame (Bilbao Ekintza award).

The Official Section will show the videogames chosen by the jury on 27th and 28th November, in sessions open to professionals and enthusiasts wanting to discover the creative development processes of each studio. The Big Indie Pitch, a pitching event for international media will take place on 28th November.

The hóPLAY Award Giving Gala will be held on 28th November followed by a party organised by Delirium Studios and Indie Burguer Developer (association of independent state developers) where different networking activities will be held.

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A not-to-miss event for independent sector professionals, fans worldwide and local companies who can use it to promote and publicise their work.

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